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HAAKE RheoWin 4.83.0003 has been released!

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HAAKE RheoWin Software, version 4.30.0030

Download the RheoWin files

This is a fully executable version of RheoWin 4. Please note that in order to be able to install RheoWin 4 on your computer you need a RheoWin 4 License Key !

Download the following *.ZIP file and copy them to a single (temporary) directory on your hard drive.

Then unzip the *.ZIP file using any suitable unzip program.

In case you do not have an (UN)ZIP program you can download a freeware ZIP program from the following Web-site : http://www.ozemail.com.au/~nulifetv/freezip/index.html.


There are no updates available for this version.

RheoWin 4 and Windows 7 and Windows 8

RheoWin 4 is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Vista (both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions).
RheoWin 4 is also compatible with Windows 8 (until now we have only tested the 32-bit version).

Please note: Currently the driver for the Foculus camera, which is used with the RheoScope module is NOT compatible with Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows 7 64 bit and Windows 8 64 bit.

Virtual com port driver for Viscotester D and Viscotester E

The virtual com port driver for the Viscotester D and Viscotester E is available for download here.

Virtual com port driver for SC and AC circulators

The virtual com port driver for the new SC and AC circulators is available for download here.

Update for Foculus camera (RheoScope module)

In case you do not get an image from the FOculus camera which comes with the RheoScope module in RheoWin, please download and install the newest driver for this camera from the camera manufacturers web-site using the link below.

Due to a Windows Update (from Microsoft) the Direct X support of the camera driver didn’t work anymore. This was fixed by the manufacturer with a new driver version.

Please note: Currently the driver for the FOculus camera is NOT compatible with Windows Vista 64 bit and Windows 7 64 bit. The camera manufacturer is working on a solution for this.

Supported instruments

Supported operating systems

Rheowin 4 license key

In order to be able to install this version of RheoWin on your computer you will need a RheoWin 4 License Key. A Key-Diskette for RheoWin 2.xx or a RheoWin 3 License Key will NOT enable you to install RheoWin 4.

The keys for RheoWin 4 consist of a company name, serial number and the key code. You will have to enter this information manually during the installation. When you receive the key per e-mail this information will be stored in a *.key or *.txt file which can be opened and viewed by using any text-editor (Notepad, Write, Word, etc.)

A separate license key is needed for installing the tools for FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliance. A separate license key is also needed to install the TTS (Time Temperature Superposition) tool, the Spectra calculation tool and the MWD tool.

License Keys for RheoWin 4 are available on request only !

In order to request a RheoWin 4 license key download the RheoWin Key order form fill it out as completely as possibly, save it and send it to support.mc.de[at]thermofisher.com (replace [at] by @). You will then receive your new key per e-mail.

Installation of RheoWin 4

RheoWin 4 can be installed parallel to an existing RheoWin 2.xx installation and/or an existing RheoWin 3.xx installation if needed. Please note that RheoWin 4 can read RheoWin 2.xx and RheoWin 3.xx data, job and page files (backward compatibility), but that RheoWin 2.xx can NOT read RheoWin 3 files and that  RheoWin 3.xx can NOT read RheoWin 4 files!!

RheoWin 4 should never be installed in the same directory as RheoWin 2.xx or RheoWin 3.xx!!

The installation program of RheoWin 4 offers the user the possibility to transfer all settings (apart from the Unit settings) from a previous installation of RheoWin 3.xx.

Here's how to install RheoWin:

  1. Please note that (Windows) Administrator rights are needed to install RheoWin!
  2. From a directory on your harddisk in which you unzipped the *.ZIP files:
    To install RheoWin from harddisk go to the (temporary) directory in which you unzipped the *.ZIP files after downloading. Please make sure that you have the following 7 files in that directory : HAAKE RheoWin.msi, Setup.exe, Data1.cab, 1031.mst, 1033.mst, 1034.mst, 1036.mst, 1043.mst. To start the installation please run the Setup.exe program.
  3. From the RheoWin CD:
    This CD is "self-starting", just click on "Install HAAKE RheoWin 4" to start the installation. In case the installation screen does not come up automatically you can start it by double-clicking on the file "index.htm" in the Windows explorer, this will show the installation screen in your web-browser. You can also start the installation by run the setup.exe program from the RheoWin directory on the CD

The installation program will guide you through the installation. Please make sure that you have a RheoWin 4 License Key (see above) readily available since the installation program will ask for this.

RheoWin and Windows users (Administrators, PowerUsers, Users, etc.)

Windows users with the default Administrator or PowerUser rights will be able to run RheoWin without the need for any modifications.

For Windows users with the default Users rights an Administrator has to make sure that those users have read access to the RheoWin 4 main directory (by default c:\Program Files\Thermo\RheoWin) and all its subdirectories, as well as read and write (!) access to the


key in the windows registry and the following two directories and all their subdirectories

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Thermo\RheoWin
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Thermo\RheoWin.

Microsoft advices programmers to save application and user data in the above metnioned directories by default, but strange enough does not give Windows users with the default Users rights write access to these directories!